Transparency goes to the heart of accountability. Leading organizations recognize that transparency and disclosure are crucial in terms of meeting the expectations of a wide group of stakeholders. Such efforts help organizations focus on continuous improvement and turning principles into results – a process which is crucial in terms of realizing gains and building trust.

Therefore, we pledge to undertake the following actions, where appropriate, over time:

  • Include a description of actions and investments undertaken in relation to the Gray Child Foundation Mandate in our annual Communications, making reference to relevant performance indicators.
  • Publish and share our work strategies (including targets and results as well as areas for improvement) in relevant corporate reports.
  • Be transparent in dealings and conversations with governments and other public authorities on issues and policy frameworks.


Actions such as those proposed in the organization Mandate will only be sustainable and efficient if embedded in effective governance structures and procedures.

Therefore, we pledge to undertake the following actions, where appropriate, over time:

  • Contribute inputs and recommendations in the formulation of government regulation and in the creation of policies to drive National sustainable development agenda.
  • Exercise “business statesmanship” by being advocates for SDG17 in local policy discussions, clearly presenting the role and responsibility of the private sector in National developmental objectives.
  • Partner with governments, businesses, civil society and other stakeholders to advance the body of knowledge, intelligence and tools of development.
  • Join and/or support special policy-oriented bodies and associated frameworks for enhanced opportunities.


While individual organizational efforts will be critical in helping to address various challenges, collective efforts – across sectors and societal spheres – will also be required. Such multi-stakeholder collaboration can draw on significant expertise, capacities and resources. Utilizing global frameworks, we can participate in collective efforts to address sustainable development agendas in Nigeria.

Therefore, we pledge to undertake the following actions, where appropriate, over time:

  • Build closer ties with civil society organizations, especially at the regional and local levels.
  • Work with national, regional and local governments and public authorities to address sustainability issues and policies, as well as with relevant international institutions.
  • Encourage development and use of new technologies.
  • Be actively involved in the UNDP country networks.
  • Support the work of existing initiatives involving the private sector – and collaborate with other relevant UN bodies and intergovernmental organizations – e.g., the UNDP, UNICEF, World Health Organization, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, World Bank Group etc


As a Non-governmental Organization with broad scope, we shall maintain a bottoms up approach, allowing various projects to be implemented/ executed independently but yet supervised.

Therefore, we pledge to undertake the following actions, where appropriate, over time:

  • Conduct a comprehensive needs assessment to understand the major needs of the community, setup a committee to handle identified community project and maintain an M&E system.
  • Set targets for our operations.
  • Seek to invest in and use new technologies to achieve these goals.
  • Raise awareness of our plans, programmes and actions.
  • Include development sustainability considerations in decision making.