Clean Water and Environment

To act as advocates for the provision of water and clean environment

✔ Embark on sustainable development activities working in partnership with local and international organizations for the provision of portable drinking water.

✔ Carrying out activities to ensure the sustainable management of the environment and environmental resources for the development of communities.

✔ Build the capacity of stakeholders to enable them participate actively in decision-making processes and developmental issues in general.

✔ Carry out campaigns to create awareness that will help to protect the environment and support efficient environmental management practices.

✔ Help to mainstream gender in decision making processes involving environmental issues, health and development.

✔ Endeavour to understand the water and sanitation challenges in the communities where we operate and how our businesses impact those challenges.

✔ Be active members of the local community, and encourage or provide support to local government, groups and initiatives seeking to advance the water and sanitation agendas.

✔ Undertake water-resource education and awareness campaigns in partnership with local stakeholders.

✔ Work with public authorities and their agents to support – when appropriate – the development of adequate water infrastructure, including water and sanitation delivery systems.

✔ Encourage suppliers to improve their water conservation, quality monitoring, waste-water treatment, and recycling practices.

✔ Build capacities to analyze and respond to watershed risk.

✔ Encourage and facilitate suppliers in conducting assessments of water usage and impacts.