Peace and Conflict Resolution Seminar

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Project Title:              Peace and Conflict Resolution Seminar

Date:                           31st March, 2022

Location:                    Noun Immigration Study Centre Hall, Federal Secretariat, Gwagwalada, Abuja – Nigeria

Project Goal:             Capacity building of Nigeria Security personnel on prevention & countering violence extremism in Nigeria

Area of Focus:          Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention, Education and Literacy

In furtherance of the objective of Activating Positive Peace in Nigeria, Rotary Club of Gwagwalada on Thursday 31st March, 2022 implemented a peace sensitization training project for members of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, Nigeria Correctional Service, Nigeria Immigration Service, Federal Road Safety Commission and Nigeria Police Force.

Associate Prof. Samuel Iroye sensitized participants on the need to build peace by carrying out their duties diligently, efficiently and patriotically. He added that their work has become twice as hard because root causes of conflict are not swiftly and effectively addressed by the government. He then used the opportunity to call on statutory key stakeholders of the Nigeria State to be more proactive and responsive to the plight of the citizenry as that would help to curbing conflict, instill trust and build hope.

Rtn. Pietro engaged the security agents on the need to halt the progress of violence extremism in the Country. While building their capacity as gatekeepers to prevent and counter violence extremism, their attention was drawn to the techniques and modes for recruitment and radicalization; pointing ways to identify an individual or group with violence extremist tendencies and how to utilize multilateral collaborative approach to deradicalize intending and existing extremists. Most importantly the human security approach was recommended as a potent approach to curbing the progress of violence extremism in Nigeria. The human security approach is simply a peoplecentric understanding of security which gives importance to protecting fundamental aspects of life i.e food, health, environment, personal, community and political. The gatekeepers were made aware/ reminded that all root causes of violence conflicts are traceable to the fundamental aspects of life and thus matters concerning these spheres of human endeavor must be given premium attention and just resolution by all parties involved. Participants were further encouraged to advance positive peace in their respective communities and the Rotary Club of Gwagwalada was accorded the Activating Positive Peace in Nigeria bannerette to serve as a constant reminder to build and maintain peace in Nigeria and beyond.