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Certified Bespoke Peacebuilding Training for Rotarians and Peace Advocates in Nigeria

Project Title:              Certified Bespoke Peacebuilding Training for Rotarians and Peace Advocates in Nigeria

Date:                           14th – 24th February 2022

Location:                    Webinar (Online – Zoom)

Project Goal:             Capacity Building of over 1000 Nigerians on Positive Peace Concepts and Contemporary Global Peacebuiling Methodologies

Area of Focus:          Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention, Education and Literacy

In furtherance of the objectives of Activating Positive Peace in Nigeria, Rotary Inter-Country Committee of Great Britain and Ireland – Nigeria, in liaison with the four Rotary International Districts in Nigeria, and in partnership with African Union, UNESCO International Institute for Capacity Building in Africa (IICBA), Arigatau (Japan) and the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) organized and facilitated the maiden edition of a two weeks “Certified Bespoke Peacebuilding Training Programme for Rotarians and Peace Advocates in Nigeria”. 1028 participants (male, female and young adults) from across the 37 States of Nigeria participated in the capacity building programme which targeted at enhancing their knowledge of peacebuilding global best practices and the positive peace framework.

At the end of the two weeks Bespoke peace training which lasted from 14th – 24th February 2022, participants were trained on how to lend Positive Peace knowledge and skills to practical applications in their communities, and linkages between peace and economic development, climate change, youth empowerment, gender equality and other critical priorities. Also participants understanding of the role of education for peacebuilding, transformative pedagogy and ethics to peace and resilience building were enhanced. Facilitators also focused on equipping participants with concrete approaches to support community engagement and child-led, youth-led actions to promote transformation and peace at the community level. Because we understand that peacebuilding in a volatile environment like Nigeria requires a holistic sustained effort; through Rotary strategic peacebuilding framework, we shall collaborate with participants, Public and Private Organizations, Religious and Traditional Institutions, INGOs, NGOs etc, to deepen peace intervention programmes in grassroot communities, and across Nigeria. To this regard, participants of the Bespoke Peace training programme shall be integrated into local Rotary structures in their respective grassroot communities, to act as a support system for the implementation and scaling of positive peace intervention projects.