Prison Decongestion and Reintegration

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Project Title:              Prison Decongestion and Reintegration

Date:                           15th January, 2022

Location:                    Nigeria Correctional Service (medium security custodial centre), Keffi Nasarawa State

Project Goal:             Mental Health Awareness, Psychosocial Support and Reintegration

Area of Focus:          Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention, Economic and Community Development, Education and Literacy 

In furtherance of the objective of Activating Positive Peace in Nigeria, Rotary Clubs of Abuja Gudu and Abuja Jabi Lakeside on Saturday, 15th January 2022, embarked on prison decongestion and reintegration project in Nigeria Correctional Service facility.

Rotary leaders interfaced with the facility managers to better understand how Rotary could enhance the correctional process and reorientation of the inmates. Prison Waders were tutored on mental health syndromes and awareness by the District mental health team and mental health tool kits were distributed to better equip them to provide improved psychosocial support and instill positive behavioral changes in the inmates.

At the end of the visit, 5 inmates were processed and release on bail. Rtn. Pietro Uzochukwu engaged the freed inmates and their guardians on peacebuilding and reintegration exercises with an objective to disabuse their minds of anti-social behavior and suspicions, and further prepared them on what they are to expect from the public and how to contain/ react positively. A data bank was created for follow-up economic empowerment programmes and to monitor their social reintegration process.

At the end of the visit, livelihood items were donated to the Correctional Centre and take home/ start-up funds were provided to the freed inmates.