DATE: 8th May, 2021
LOCATION: Kungabukon Community, Kubwa, Abuja, Nigeria
PROJECT GOAL: Grassroot Dialogue, Peace Building and Conflict Resolution, Installation and Commissioning of Peace Pillar, Inauguration of Community Peace and Security Council
AREA OF FOCUS: Peace Building and Supporting the Environment

In furtherance of the objective for the Activation of Positive Peace in Nigeria, Gray Child Foundation (GCF) partnered with Rotary Club of Abuja Kubwa for peace building exercise in Kungabukon Community, Kubwa, Abuja. Positive Peace Ambassadors carried out grassroot identity dialogue, peacebuilding and conflict resolution sensitization, and capped the occasion with the erection of a peace pillar in the Community. The peace pillar bore the inscription: “MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH” written in English and two local languages (Hausa and Gbayi).

IEP Ambassador Rotn Pietro Uzo engaged community members and key stakeholders on the importance of peaceful coexistence, tolerance, empathy and equity. Gender mainstreaming, Gender based violence and alternative dispute resolution techniques were brought to bear, and the Community Council for Peace and Security was inaugurated. While the Rotary Community Corps of Kungabukon was drilled and provided with prerequisite tools to act as an Early Warning-Early Response mechanism in the Community.

The highlight of the occasion was the tree planting by Community Key Stakeholders (Traditional Chiefs, Women and Youth Leaders), Rotary Club leaders and GCF Chairman. The eight (8) trees planted symbolized the Community agreement to peaceful coexistence and further represented the eight pillars of positive peace.


DATE: 1st May, 2021
LOCATION: Katampe Phase II, Mpape, Bwari Area Council, Abuja, Nigeria
PROJECT GOAL: Building the capacity of Mpape community for peaceful co-existence, tolerance and unity

Gray Child Foundation in partnership with Women and Children Education Foundation embarked on community peacebuilding exercise in ethno-religious diversified community of Mpape, Abuja. Positive Peace Ambassadors carried out grassroot dialogue to address the root causes of violent conflicts in the community; after which the unifying effect of sports was used to instill and reinvigorate the essence of comradeship, cooperation, tolerance and unity of purpose amongst indigenous families and settlers.

IEP Ambassador Rotn Pietro Uzo charged the sporting participants to carryout their activities with love, peace and harmony. To take the tackles and obstacles from the opposing team as real life challenges and remain focused to achieve their desired objective; which is to “win the game”. Winning the game in real life means to coexist peacefully and attain sustainable development. Rotn Glorious Uche Amalu-Jack further encouraged women and children to be active peacekeepers and bridge builders in the community.

At the end of the games, the winning teams received free distribution of blood tonic and cash prizes.


In the quest to remodel the system and methods of Rotary Club engagement in District 9125 – Nigeria, for optimum impact and delivery of sustainable programmes and projects. IEP Ambassador, Rotn Pietro Uzo trained members of Rotary Clubs on the Positive Peace ideology and introduced a new model for designing Rotary Club activities. Participants were trained on how to streamline Club activities to deliberately “target and enhance” the eight pillars of positive peace in any community of interest, using the Rotary avenues of service and areas of focus. This new method of Rotary engagement utilizes the Theory of Change, and would not only strengthen the beneficial community pillars of peace but further enhances the attainment of the sustainable development goal 17.

Clubs accepted and adopted this new method of “Sustainable Peacebuilding” and nominated representatives who were then certified and decorated as Positive Peace Ambassadors of their respective Clubs. The Ambassadors were further mandated to liaise with their Club BOD and ensure that going-forward all Club engagements conform to the Positive Peace Model for Rotary Club Activities.


Gray Child Foundation on Wednesday 13th January 2021 trained RYLA 2021 participants on Positive Peace concept. Following the commissioning of the Rotaract Peacebuilder Handbook by the District Governor of Rotary District 9125, Rotn. Jumoke Bamigboye on Monday, 11th January 2021; it became imperative to train the Youths on the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) tenets of Positive Peace, so as to become peacebuilding agents and Ambassadors for the activation of Positive Peace in Nigeria.

IEP Ambassador, Rotn. Pietro Uzochukwu Macleo unbundled the Positive Peace Ideology for the Rylarians, and from the analysis of Nigeria crisis and conflict situations, components and history, it was evident and unanimously agreed by the Rotaractors that lack of tolerance, discrimination and ethnic divisions were prevalent and responsible for majority of conflicts in the Country. At the end of the training, the Rotaractors were able to identify a pillar of peace amongst the 8 pillars, and using the Rotaract Peacebuilder Handbook, the youths formulated and conceptualized a project to strengthen the “ACCEPTANCE OF THE RIGHTS OF OTHERS” (peace pillar) in Nigeria. This peacebuilding project shall be implemented and replicated in all 24 States of District 9125, Nigeria.


The District Governor of Rotary District 9125, Rotn. Jumoke Bamigboye, in company of the District Rotaract Representative Rotr. Washima Iornder on Monday 11th January 2021 Commissioned the Rotaract Peacebuilder Handbook developed and sponsored by Gray Child Foundation and Rotary Club of Asokoro. The handbook is a guide on peacebuilding developed for Rotaractors to


The Chairman and Trustees of Gray Child Foundation on Friday 4th December, 2020 flagged off the initiative for the Activation of Positive Peace in Nigeria. Delivering a paper on the need to activate Positive Peace for National Development, Rotn Pietro Uzochukwu emphatically stated that the activation of Positive Peace would not only lead to national peacefulness but that strengthening the eight pillars of peace would usher in sustainable development in the Country. He further acknowledged the partners and peacebuilders that have taken up the duty of building peace and reinforcing the pillars of peace in Nigeria.